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However, a few exceptions exist.

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The associated dial plan requires that all numbers, even for local calls, must be dialed with the assigned NDC, in contrast to previous plans. When dialing from within the country, a prefix 0 must be dialed.

The national destination code NDC is the area code for Swiss telephone numbers. Within Switzerland the trunk code 0 must be dialed before the NDC, while it is not needed from international locations.

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For landlines it is now merely an indication of the region where the number was originally attributed to a subscriber. The national destination codes are the following. Short dialing codes are assigned for special services or network features.

Instead of E. In this plan the prefix 0 was discarded, and the area codes were defined differently, with 20 to 49 for geographic areas, 50 to 59 reserved, for nationwide numbering, for mobile services, for shared-cost and toll-free numbers, and 90 for premium-rate services.

The plan was not implemented because it required too many phone number and prefix changes, with associated high costs. On 29 March the Swiss dialing plan changed to a closed dialing plan, i. The previous plan removed a lot of area prefixes and added the seventh digit in phone numbers usually a phone number 0cc yx xx xx became 0dd zzx xx xx.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. For international calls dial 00 zero zero , the country code, the area code plus the local phone number. Please note that in some countries, the leading zero of the area code must not be dialed.

Geneva switzerland phone book

International calls to Switzerland are fully automated and do not require operator assistance in Switzerland. However, an operator may be required in the origin country. To call a number in Switzerland, dial what ever is required for an international call, such as 00 zero zero , then 41 country code for Switzerland , then the phone number without the leading zero of the area code. In addition, lets assume you have to dial 00 zero zero for an international call. Then you have to dial 44 Cellular phones registered in Switzerland have their own area code.

In the early days of mobile telephony, it used to be , now it is , or depending on the provider.

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Coverage depends on the provider. In addition, there are some area codes not assigned to a particular geographical area, but which have special meanings: and Services with additional charges area code is dedicated to adults only services.

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These numbers will be replaced by , and numbers. Automated wake up call: Replace hh with the hour, mm with the minute of the time you wish to be called.