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The time required for you to receive each record varies as well, from a couple of days to two weeks or more. If you decide to use a commercial service to run a self background check, how do you decide which service to use?

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Here are a couple of guidelines to consider:. Find a provider that also supplies background checks to employers and landlords. Eliminate services that do not comply with the U. Pre-employment and housing screenings in the U. The FCRA also specifies that certain information should be excluded from pre-employment background checks.

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Bankruptcies and civil judgments may be stricken from your credit history after seven to 10 years as well. Non-FCRA-compliant background check services may not exclude this information, and so could give you a distorted view of the information employers and landlords will receive. Running a self background check is about as easy as buying a book or movie online.

In addition to a payment card or PayPal account , you will need your Social Security Number and a valid email account. Give a final authorization and wait for the check to run. The Starter and Basic searches will be complete and ready to review in a matter of minutes, as will the database portions of the Standard search. This is your opportunity to explain apparent gaps in your job history, or comment on circumstances or atonement surrounding any legal infractions.

Mixups can happen with less common names as well, and when they touch on financial or legal matters, they can be anything but minor. FCRA-compliant background checks, such as GoodHire, include guidelines you should follow for filing a dispute and reporting inaccuracies. The reports also note their data sources, and you may want to contact the providers of any inaccurate information, so they can correct any inaccuracies as well.

Try to view it as a hiring manager or landlord would, and identify anything that might be a source of concern. An unexplained gap in your work history could be an issue for an employer, for instance.

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Missed loan payments or a bankruptcy might worry a landlord. And criminal records could raise red flags with either one. Your better approach might be to take ownership of these matters and address them proactively with a potential manager or landlord before they run a background check on you.

When you do, those comments become a permanent addition to your GoodHire profile. Getting ahead of potential concerns can help you acknowledge and move beyond past missteps.

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Being proactive and forthright might even make more of an impression than anything questionable in your past. Running a self background check that shows you what employers and property managers will see when they run a background check is a great way to prepare for a job or apartment rental search. Thinking through questions they may ask and how you can respond to them can be a healthy form of self-evaluation, and may give you a leg up on securing the job or residence you want. Disclaimer: The resources provided here are for educational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.

We advise you to consult your own counsel if you have legal questions related to your specific practices and compliance with applicable laws. Jim Akin is a Connecticut-based freelance writer and editor with experience in employee relations, media relations, and social-media outreach. He has produced content and managed internal communications, business-to-business outreach, and consumer-focused campaigns for clients including Experian, VantageScore Solutions, Pitney Bowes, Medtronic, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola.

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Verify the info and hire only the best with our employment verification services. The best way to experience Good Egg's approach to pre-employment criminal background checks and ongoing monitoring for criminal behavior is by requesting a demo. Get in touch and let's chat about your organization's specific needs. Blog 1. Criminal Background Checks for Employers: The Ultimate Guide Before you can determine what type of criminal background check to order, you need to understand the basics.

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Good Egg's Approach to Criminal Record Checks Our advanced technology and criminal records expertise lead to increased accuracy and industry-leading turnaround times. Our Criminal Background Check Process You don't just need fast criminal history checks; you need accurate ones as well. We start with a thorough alias database search to ensure all names are identified. We then scour hundreds of databases to identify any potential criminal records. We combine excellent technology with smart manual searches.

Our extensive network of court researchers examines the rest. We have an intuitive online platform that helps users assess results as they come in. What You Should Consider Including in a Criminal Record Check Here's what we recommend including in a thorough criminal record search: Alias and identity verification National criminal database searches County, state, and federal court records searches Civil court searches DOJ sex offender registry check Plus, we recommend annual re-screening or ongoing criminal monitoring.

Additional types of post-employment background checks:. Social Media Monitoring Your employees represent your brand, so how they conduct themselves online matters.

MVR Monitoring Anyone driving on behalf of your company could potentially put your organization at risk. Employment Verifications Don't hire people who lie on their resumes about education or employment. Resource Recommendations for You.

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