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Set Reverse DNS and PTR Records - Stop Mails From being Spammed

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Domain mail tester shows: host with no rDNS

Example of a correctly matching pair of records: A lookup for smtp. Are you managing your email delivery? MxToolBox has been Updated. Refresh Page. Email Address:.

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Does IP Address resolve to a reverse hostname Please read the below note! If you are NOT running an email server, then this should not affect you from sending email, however you should ask your provider to provide reverse DNS as it can affect other services as well. If it is affecting your ability to send emails, you should escalate this to your email provider, as the problem may with their email server.

Setting up PTR Records and Reverse DNS

This does not conform to 'Best Practices' recommendations for Network Operators, and Email administration, and as such is much more likely to be a access point, from which Trojans and Bots are being used to send Spam. You should first of course ensure that the problem that got your IP detected in the first place, i. For example, the DNS record 'www.

This A record points to the corresponding IP address, in this case The reverse lookup is implemented separately, using a 'PTR' record named '' in the zone '6. This PTR record, if it has been configured correctly, points to the name 'www.

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When an organization is assigned an IP address block, they also acquire the right to manage the corresponding ARPA zone. The reverse lookup for 'www. Separate zones are used for IPv4 and IPv6 address blocks.

Reverse IP lookups: what they mean for B2B marketers - Lead Forensics

For example, when creating a reverse zone to host records for hosts with IPs that are in the In this case, the IP range does not fall on a zone boundary within the. Instead, a different mechanism is used to transfer control of individual reverse lookup PTR records to a dedicated DNS zone. For example, suppose an organization is granted the IP range This represents 64 IP addresses, from Reverse DNS for this range is implemented as follows:. A reverse lookup for the IP address '